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The 8 Secrets of the Martial Arts

Written by Steve Rowe. Posted in Articles By Steve Rowe, Blog, News

steve 0409 007 copyThe 8 secrets for success within the Martial Arts and life!

Tip 1 – Burn off some aggression and fire up your enthusiasm with kicking, boxing, grappling and self defence!  Our training is lively, enthusiastic, rhythmic and healthy, at Shi Kon we hit pads not people and have a LOT of fun!

Tip 2 – Get up close!  We deal with the problems a teenager might face, such as bullying, we deal with what makes a bully, why they feel the need to do it, how to avoid being bullied and how to deal with physical confrontation by talking, negotiation and if the need arises, physical technique.

Tip 3 – Deal with street confrontation and abuse.  Bear in mind that we teach European Police Forces, Security Personnel, Presidential Bodyguards and a range of other professional people that have to deal with violence and abuse – so we know what we’re talking about!

Where Do We Start?

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This blog is designed to be a short, simple guide for those that are beginning to train in the Shi Kon system, a reminder to those teaching it and helpful hints to those designing their own training system.

The Map
Those first sessions in the Martial Arts are vital for everything that follows.  Just like the first years of your life set your cultural way of thinking or being the same happens when you join a Martial Arts club.

From the first session I want to lay out a map for my students so that they understand what they are working for and why the the basics are so important. From day one we are working to achieve:

For the mind – awareness, focus, sensitivity, intensity and emotional intelligence.

For the body – good health and vigour, spine and core health with the ability to soften, connect, open, close, stretch, compress, twist and release.

These skills are then applied through martial strategy and technique, we start with neigong (inner work) qigong (energy work) and then form, application and weaponry.

Why It’s Important To keep Your Child Training

Written by Steve Rowe. Posted in Articles By Steve Rowe, Blog, Frontpage, Kung Fu Kids, News

young BL thumbs 1Martial Arts are not like other sports – they could very well save your child’s life.  We have instances where children we trained escaped from being abducted by adults using our techniques, where they have taken a bad fall, but escaped injury using our breakfall training and have neutralised constant bullying through our social skills programme – and where necessary been able to deal with physical confrontation.

Our trained coaches have identified potentially serious illness, special needs that needed to be addressed and helped countless children with various problems to be able to socially integrate with other children and adult

As they grow all too soon your children are walking the streets on their own and going to parties and nightclubs where there is a greater risk of violence, so the ability to identify dangerous situations and be able to deal with them in a skilful manner becomes all the more important as they may have to deal with drugs, drink, weapons and some very nasty people.  If they are following our healthy lifestyle and attending classes they are also less likely to be found in these situations.  Those background years of quality Martial Arts training can really pay off as they age!

Most children give up because their parents are too lazy to bring them to classes or resent paying the fees in hard financial times, some want to give up because they are just in a ‘lazy stage’ of their development, whatever the reason, it’s worth trying to persevere as it could tip the balance in a life threatening situation.

Remember at Shi Kon we have a Welfare Officer who is trained to deal with all these sort of problems and is available to talk to you or your child to keep that vital spark of interest going.  If you have any difficulties and need advice speak to Jez Walters on 01634 581092.

Taking Responsibility

Written by Steve Rowe. Posted in Articles By Steve Rowe, Blog

How many times do hear an Instructor blaming his students because ‘no one got what he was trying teach’, yet it IMG_20140727_205743never occurs to him that if no one got it, maybe it was his teaching?

Blaming his family, Chief Instructor, Association, Facility Provider or Governing Body for his lack of progression?

How many times do hear a student blaming his family, Instructor, other students and work commitments on his failure to achieve?

It’s easy to blame everyone and everything else other than yourself for your failures.

The most important moment in any martial artist’s life is the moment that he or she takes responsibility for their own actions, training and progression.

You have to decide what you want out of life, you have to determine what is possible, you have to accept that which cannot be changed and work with what can, stop lying to yourself and others, stop making excuses and start being honest and doing something positive about your life.

It takes guts to be honest with yourself and others. You need to talk to all the people that you feel are holding you back and discuss in an honest, open and reasonable manner to effect positive change.  I know many men who are terrified of their wives and always have to ‘ask the boss’ if they can do this and that, yet knowing their wives I know that if they actually learned to communicate with them instead of cowering, they’d getter a far better response.

It’s the same with students attitude towards Instructors, ask questions, challenge teachings, do it politely so that both of you can grow as a result of your feedback.  If your Instructor doesn’t like it, leave because you’ll never grow under that kind of instruction.

Work to a daily training plan put together by you and your instructor, chart your progression, sort out difficulties together, learn emotional intelligence and teamwork, that’s how you grow.  Instructors write lesson plans, invite feedback from the students, give them feedback and adjust your plans accordingly.

Do your training first.  Attend the right classes to progress.  Attend seminars that will improve your skill level and understanding.  The ‘showbiz’ seminars of photo opportunities, T shirts, DVD’s and handshakes are okay IF you’ve done all the important work.

In the Martial Arts everything is based around your skill level.  It’s easy to teach crap and fool people for a while, but in the end they will see through you, also the potentially good students will see through you from the start. Like attracts like. Troubled people attract troubled people, ‘quick fix’ people cannot keep anything going and will leave.  I often see a club of Instructor and clones in a bad way and sometimes in a good way.

Remember that politeness and manners are a given – but respect is earned both ways.

My advice is find a good Instructor and system and train thoroughly in it at a deep level, that way you become a ‘proper’ martial artist as opposed to someone who trains in the martial arts.  It’s important to effect your own growth.  Be honest with yourself and those around you in all environments.

The Buddha said that to progress you need:

Buddha (the one that ‘knows’)

Dharma (to follow the path of truth)

Sangha (surround yourself with like minded people)

Sage advice.


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