The 8 Secrets of the Martial Arts

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steve 0409 007 copyThe 8 secrets for success within the Martial Arts and life!

Tip 1 – Burn off some aggression and fire up your enthusiasm with kicking, boxing, grappling and self defence!  Our training is lively, enthusiastic, rhythmic and healthy, at Shi Kon we hit pads not people and have a LOT of fun!

Tip 2 – Get up close!  We deal with the problems a teenager might face, such as bullying, we deal with what makes a bully, why they feel the need to do it, how to avoid being bullied and how to deal with physical confrontation by talking, negotiation and if the need arises, physical technique.

Tip 3 – Deal with street confrontation and abuse.  Bear in mind that we teach European Police Forces, Security Personnel, Presidential Bodyguards and a range of other professional people that have to deal with violence and abuse – so we know what we’re talking about!

Tip 4 – Cover all the bases!  Many Martial Arts fail their students by specialising too much in one area and neglecting others, I devised the Shi Kon training system from my 40 years of study with top Japanese and Chinese Masters in Karate, Ju Jitsu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, weapons training, front line Security work and teaching professional bodyguards and Law Enforcement Officers.  I made sure that all areas are covered so that someone trained in the Shi Kon system is able to deal with any situation that arises.

Tip 5-  Work to an intelligent system!  We start with ‘stand up’ boxing and kicking and a LOT of pad-work and drills, then work in close quarter range with elbows knees and close grappling work with joint locking and manipulation.  We move on from there to power striking and the ‘soft’ skills of how to receive an opponents blows and negate their power without having to hurt them.  Many years ago in China our Art was known as ‘mein quan’ or ‘Soft Cotton Boxing’ as to try and hit us is like putting your hands into soft cotton – and if necessary finding a sharp needle inside!

We look at the ‘gates’ of the human body and all the different ways of intercepting an opponents moves with ‘push hands’ drills taking them safely into locks, throws and using pressure points and nerve centres to stop them from being able to continue their attack.  If you end up on the floor we cover the methods of MMA floor work but with the intention of getting off the floor to get away and stay safe.

Tip 6 – Stay healthy for life!  We look at the balance of diet, training, rest and recovery.  We teach you about deep exercise of the spine and the ‘core’ muscles that control your posture and all the movement of the body.

Tip 7 – Breathe properly!  For good health and to help you stay calm and aware, more air in your lungs means more oxygen to the brain helping you to stay aware and mentally focused – it’ll also help you to learn your school work!

Tip 8 – Learn to meditate!  Understanding your mind, calming it down and learning to control it is the secret of life; if you can understand and control your emotions and reactions, you can also understand the reactions of others.  This is the key to Martial Arts mastery – mind control!  If you have good posture, good breathing and a calm and controlled mind – if you know how to exercise intelligently and confidently with others and most important, how to have FUN through Martial Arts training – you have the key to a happy, healthy and enjoyable life style!

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