Insurance and Instructor & Student Registration

Instructor Registration

It is now compulsory that Martial Arts Instructors, particularly those dealing with children and young adults up to 18 years, are able to demonstrate that they have appropriate qualifications, criminal records checks and insurance. Classic Coaching has worked with Shi Kon Martial Arts to establish an Instructor Register for its member Associations and is an approved provider of these services. An annual certificate will be produced for each instructor confirming their current status in the areas listed below. Shi Kon will also be available as a contact point and reference provider for prospective employers / hall managers / Local Authorities etc.

The Register will record:

Current Professional Indemnity Insurance

Facility providers such as Schools are now requiring a minimum of £5m cover. This is the amount recommended.

Shi Kon offers a Martial Guard policy which registered Instructors can join.  Details of the Policy are here – Policy Details.doc and the Proposal Form is here – Insurance Proposal Form

Coaching Qualifications

Required to cover as a minimum:

  • Principles of safe and effective coaching
  • Health & Safety
  • Administration
  • Protecting children and young people from abuse

Disclosure and Barring Service (Formerly CRB) Check

Enhanced DBS Check carried out by a recognised body with the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Shi Kon recommends that DBS Checks are renewed annually and will send you a reminder  when your current check is about to expire.  You can now apply for a DBS Check on-line, but will still need to resubmit original proofs of identity each time.

Instructors and Assistant Instructors receiving no payment, or expenses only, are eligible for a "Volunteer" check. All other Instructors need to get a "Professional" check.

Instructor Grade

Awarded within the guidelines of Shi Kon and/or the appropriate Governing Body.

Shi Kon is happy to accept and record suitable evidence produced by individual instructors, for example a coaching qualification that meets or exceeds the requirements listed in 2 above. However, if you are unable to produce any or all of these items, Classic Coaching can provide them on a “mix and match” basis.

Instructor Certification

Instructors can provide evidence of the above 4 items together with a small administrative fee (which is included in the premium for Insurance cover) to receive a certificate confirming registration. Each of these areas will have an expiry date and will require evidence of renewal after the appropriate time i.e. Professional Indemnity Insurance must be renewed each year. We will database the information and issue reminders to each Instructor as renewal dates become due.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Martial Guard policy with Towry Law.

The cover offers up to £5m per incident on a claims occurring basis which includes a Run Off Policy. The annual premium is £97 for 2021.

You would need to pay £76 for cover from April to December 2021.

There is an alternate policy that offers cover for £10m per incident. The annual premium for this is £116.

You would need to pay £91 for cover from April to December 2021.

To pay by Paypal, or to use a credit /debit card, click on the button below:

For £5m cover.


Disclosure and Barring Service Check (Formerly CRB)


We now use an "Umbrella Body" to organise DBS Enhanced checks for Shi Kon members.

This gives us access to the "ebulk" on-line system. At the moment, we are getting results within approximately one week of the application being approved and sent to DBS which is considerably quicker than with the paper-based process.

To apply, you will need to complete an on-line form and send original ID documents to Martin Gatter at the Shi Kon office. If you would like these returned using special or recorded delivery, you must attach a suitable stamped, addressed, envelope.

Please note that DBS now accept viewing of original documents via a video call ie Skype or WhatsApp. Contact Martin if you would prefer to use this method (you will still need to send copies of your documents).

To do this, you should log on to and click on "Start Your DBS Application". You should agree to the statement and click "submit" in the "New Standard / Enhanced DBS Application" column.
You will then be asked for an Organisation Reference. This is SHIKONMARTIALARTS (upper case). You should leave the password section blank. You will then be asked to agree two further statements before the screen opens to enter your personal details. You should follow the on-line instructions from this point.

Please make sure you apply for an Enhanced check, NOT a Basic check.

Fees - £25 for Volunteers, £70 for Professionals

See Instructor Registration section above for definitions of "Volunteer" and "Professional".

Details of the documents which are acceptable to prove identity are shown here - DBS Document List

Pay for DBS Check (Volunteer) £25

Pay for DBS Check (Professional) £70

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