We teach the Yang style Tai Chi system and our syllabus is designed for anyone of any age, we use the most modern coaching methods to interpret and teach the ancient arcane knowledge of the Chinese. Tai Chi can strengthen your body, teach you how to relax and focus your mind!

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All of our lessons include a free no obligation trial. Simply click on the button below, alternatively you can call us on 07784 301490 or email caz@shikon.com.

Class Times

These classes are suitable for anyone interested Meditation, Tai Chi, Taijiquan, Yoga, Zen, Buddhisim, Kung Fu, Qigong, Chi Kung, Nei Gong and Pushing Hands.

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Shi Kon Martial Arts Centre
Chatham Hill
Chatham, Medway
Kent ME5 7BB
Tel: 07784 301490
Tel: 07784 301490
Email: caz@shikon.com

Call us on 07784 301490 or email caz@shikon.com