Tai Chi is a form of exercise and moving meditation developed in ancient China that has been practiced for centuries as a therapeutic, healing routine.  Its mindful movements are the perfect antidote to the stresses and anxieties of our busy modern lives.

Instead of jarring, high-intensity exercises, Tai Chi uses low-impact, slow moving, naturally flowing movements that are done softly and thoughtfully. Movements are often circular and muscles are relaxed during the exercises. Since it is such a gentle flowing exercise, it offers benefits for people at all fitness levels–from young practitioners to older adults to those living with chronic pain.

Our relaxed and friendly classes are based on the Yang style of Tai Chi. The classes follow carefully structured syllabus that ensures that you will always be developing at your own pace and ability.   From your first lesson you will be shown simple exercises and routines that will lead to better balance and posture, increased strength and flexibility, and calmness and peace of mind.

Our Chief Instructor has trained, researched and studied for over 40 years including in China with some of the most famous Masters in the World.

The programme is put together combining that arcane knowledge with the most modern science, psychology, anatomy and bodywork. For the more experienced we also offer Advance Forms, Push Hands, Sword and Spear Work.


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