The Shi Kon Martial Arts Association

Shi Kon Martial Arts is like no other Association, Management Consultancy, Franchise or Governing Body.  It is run by highly successful, long serving experienced traditional and modern martial artists with a record to prove our successful formula.

  • Insurance is directly with TL Risk Solutions – no middlemen or unrecognisable company.
  • Coaching qualifications are NVQ’s directly with City and Guilds.
  • Shi Kon is a Registered Body with the Disclosure and Barring Service.
  • Registration with MASA, BCCMA, WUKF and Sport England ‘Clubmark’ Accreditation.


The Shi Kon Business Development Team headed by MAI columnist Steve Rowe 8th Dan will coach you through our successful approach to raising your standards, getting permanent recognisable qualifications, registrations and accreditation and becoming a part of your local community where you are paid to advertise, recruit and keep many new members!

The Shi Kon ‘Fair Price Policy’ means that you only pay a reasonable fee as you go for what you need.

Whoever you are, whatever Martial Art you practice, we can help you.

For a confidential and personal discussion of your route forward to higher standards and long term success telephone Caroline Rowe on 07784 301490 or email her on

Call us on 07784 301490 or email